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When your state only has one national park, you’d better hope it’s a good one.  Luckily for Cleveland hikers, the Cuyahoga Valley National Park is well-worth the trip.  The name is Mohawk for “crooked river,” and the park follows the winding river from Cleveland to Akron over a 51-square-mile area. The park itself is a hidden sanctuary for Cleveland’s natural history, encompassing a landscape and diversity that you wouldn’t expect so close to the city.  Among other species, the endangered Indiana bat makes its home in the floodplains and forests of the Cuyahoga Valley.  Other bats and birds also make their home within the park, which has been disturbed in recent times by a number of invasive plants.  The National Park Service is currently working on combating these species, which can crowd out animals’ natural habitats and food. In addition to plants and animals, the Cuyahoga Valley has historically provided a resting place for Ohio settlers.  During the 1870s, people traveled from the cities for carriage rides and boat trips in the canal, which led to the construction of the Valley Railroad in 1880.  Prominent businessman Hayward Kendall donated 430 acres in the valley, Direct TV, which became the foundations of today’s nationally protected site. Read the rest of this entry »

Guarding against invasive species in Ohio’s environment

Many states have an extensive and growing list of invasive species and Ohio is no exception. Invasive species include any plant, animal or microbe not native to the area. The results of their presence can be catastrophic with examples being disrupted food chains, spread of disease and increased farming expenses.

Feral pigs, bush honeysuckle, and zebra muscles are common invaders often discussed by Ohio environmentalists. The pigs destroy anything within their paths ranging from precious crops to small animals. The honeysuckle has hampered Ohio’s state bird at the Read the rest of this entry »

Caring for pets on a hike

In Ohio, there are many beautiful places to which you can take your pet for a hike. Pets, dogs and horses, love spending time with their companions outdoors and can provide you with many hours of company while on the trail. However, taking your pet for a hike will require you to take some additional steps during your preparations to ensure that your pet is comfortable during your time away from home. Here, are the most important ways to look out for your pet’s health while you are hiking.

For most animals, thirst will be the most Read the rest of this entry »

The best outdoor apparel brands for hikers and backpackers

If you’re considering a trip to the great Ohio outdoors in the near future and need to gear up, take a close look at the following top outdoor apparel brands for hikers and backpackers:

The North Face

By far one of the best brands of outdoor apparel available, The North Face is widely used by people on an international level. All products that this company produces, from tents and jackets to backpacks and boots, are made of high quality material that has been tested through the harshest conditions.


Merrell, Read the rest of this entry »

The best outdoor-wear brands for hikers

Hiking is an enjoyable and health activity that many people find joy in, but it can be hell on everyday clothes. Just about any hiker, when they really start getting into the hobby, is going to start asking around at some point about what brands make the best outdoor wear. Clothes need to be rugged to stand up to the rigors of regular hikes. The problem is there is no one magical brand that makes the best of everything. While some brands churn out reliable products more than others, it is far better to know Read the rest of this entry »

An Ohio geography guide

If you visit Ohio there are many outdoor attractions you can visit. In Adams County in southern Ohio there are the serpent mounds. These mounds were built by the Adena people and represent the shape of a giant snake. They are about 1330 feet in length and about 3 feet high. If you like hiking there is a great place in Logan, Ohio called Hocking Hills. There are lodges where you can stay and many caves within the park that you can hike to. This includes Ash Cave, which is the biggest recess cave in the state. Read the rest of this entry »

Staying ahead of the weather in Cleveland

Staying ahead of the weather in Cleveland is the key to enjoying many wonderful hiking adventures that are free from disappointing interruptions like the weather. The Cleveland area has many great hiking opportunities that the whole family can enjoy with the right amount of preparation and forethought. Those of us that love to embark upon hiking adventures truly love Ohio’s lush and welcoming countryside. Just planning to go outdoors and get lost in natures beauty is exhilarating. Read the rest of this entry »

Enjoying the wildlife in Cleveland’s hiking spots

Enjoying the wildlife in Cleveland’s hiking spots is very possible due to the great areas available for hiking. Cleveland has a surprisingly large variety of hiking options available with hundreds of miles of hiking located in the 20,000 acres of Cleveland metroparks. Having this many hiking options on so many different types of terrain make it easy to enjoy Cleveland’s wildlife.

For people who are very serious about experiencing wildlife while hiking, contacting one of Cleveland’s outdoor education facilities is a great way to learn about what can be see and where are the Read the rest of this entry »

Hiking and Other Recreational Opportunities in Ohio

Ohio offers fours seasons of hiking. The rolling landscape of the Appalachian Plateau and Till Plains provide the geographical variety of farmland and hills. Some of the most popular hiking spots in the state are Ash Cave, Cedar Falls and Old Man’s Cave in Hocking Hills. Ohio also offers hundreds of cultural events, historic sites, recreation areas and sports teams for outdoor enthusiasts.

Sports buffs can golf in the spring, swim in Lake Erie in the summer, then ski at resorts in winter. You can fish or picnic in one of many Ohio state parks, such as Buckeye Lake, East Harbor State Park or Harrison Lake Park. Other recreational activities include backpacking, biking, camping, canoeing, geocaching, kayaking and snowshoeing.

Families will love exploring Cuyahoga Valley National Park, which offers children’s programs and the chance to earn a ranger badge. The park provides a railroad tour that meanders through hills and valleys. Amish country delights visitors with farm tours, fresh food and flea markets. The Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden is another family favorite with plenty of animal and plant exhibits.

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The Backpackers Shop: the perfect destination for Cleveland hikers

Sheffield Village, Ohio hasn’t made the news very oftenat least not since John Lee Richmond threw the first perfect game in MLB history back in 1880. However, the village should be high on the radar of backpackers and hikers in the Cleveland area, 20 minutes away. That’s because Sheffield Village is the home of The Backpackers Shop, an outdoor outfitter which has been operating for forty years.Hikers can order everything they need from the Backpackers Shop website, whether they’re planning a simple day trip or a week-long camping adventure. There is, of course, a variety of backpacks from established brands like Osprey, North Face, Kelty, and Arc’Teryx for campers and Mountainsmith packs for day hikers. There are even Ruffwear dog packs if you plan on taking along man’s best friend. Read the rest of this entry »