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An Ohio geography guide

If you visit Ohio there are many outdoor attractions you can visit. In Adams County in southern Ohio there are the serpent mounds. These mounds were built by the Adena people and represent the shape of a giant snake. They are about 1330 feet in length and about 3 feet high. If you like hiking there is a great place in Logan, Ohio called Hocking Hills. There are lodges where you can stay and many caves within the park that you can hike to. This includes Ash Cave, which is the biggest recess cave in the state. There is also a trail called Grandma Gatewood Trail that connects three of the parks areas, which include Ash Cave, Old Man’s Cave, and Cedar Falls. There is also Salt Fork State Park, which includes fourteen miles of hiking with beautiful scenery. This is located in Lore City, Ohio. Many people choose this location because of the friendliness of the area people and their willingness to show you around and because of the beautiful surrounding area around the trail. Ohio has always been known for its amazing hiking trails and the friendly attitude of the town folk you will meet around these areas.

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