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Great Ohio trails outside of Cleveland

The State of Ohio has a lot of things to see and do apart from its scenic attractions and the grand urban appeals. If you love some outdoor fun such as hike, bike and trails, then the Ohio Valley region is a great choice for you. This place is flooded with thousands of people, who bring their trucks, ATVs and bikes to cover the curvy trails for some adventurous fun. Whether you choose to cover same trails every weekend or flex on a new trail for more fun, adventure and of course for a change of scenery, Ohio has a number of trail sites for you.

The Ohioan full Summit County’s hike and bike Path is one popular choice for the joy-riders and hikers. This beautifully paved 33.5 miles long trail overlooking the gorgeous Cuyahoga Valley features a stunning out-and-back on the path along with a loop at the turnaround for enjoying a great bicycle ride. While hiking or biking on this route, you will cover the grassy local roads at four different distinctive points that link between the sections of the trails. You will need to cross few busy roads and some beautiful long uninterrupted sections on this route.

Another popular trail outside of Cleveland is the Brandywine Falls in the Cuyahoga National Valley Park; this is one impressive choice for a romantic hiking trip and of course for a chilling picnic in the cold weather. Another lesser-known spot is the Babb Run Bird and Wildlife Sanctuary, towards the south end of the valley. This place is owned by the city of Cuyahoga Falls; it boasts a quaint, serene and romantic atmosphere for enjoying some picnics and the hiking tours. Even the hikers can choose the Huntington Beach in the west of Cleveland and the Mentor Lagoon Nature Preserve for great outdoor fun. Here, you can choose to walk from the woods till the shores of Lake Erie to cover all the scenic spots and paths.