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The Backpackers Shop: the perfect destination for Cleveland hikers

Sheffield Village, Ohio hasn’t made the news very oftenat least not since John Lee Richmond threw the first perfect game in MLB history back in 1880. However, the village should be high on the radar of backpackers and hikers in the Cleveland area, 20 minutes away. That’s because Sheffield Village is the home of The Backpackers Shop, an outdoor outfitter which has been operating for forty years.Hikers can order everything they need from the Backpackers Shop website, whether they’re planning a simple day trip or a week-long camping adventure. There is, of course, a variety of backpacks from established brands like Osprey, North Face, Kelty, and Arc’Teryx for campers and Mountainsmith packs for day hikers. There are even Ruffwear dog packs if you plan on taking along man’s best friend. Besides that, you’ll find all the sleeping bags, tents, and cooking equipment you can carrybut considering the prices, you’ll probably walk away with more.During the summer, the Backpackers Shop hosted a number of regular outdoor events. At the end of May, the shop held its annual Kayak Demo Day at Lakeview Park, showing visitors the proper paddling techniques and the best lakes in the area. The shop also held beginner fly-fishing classes throughout the summer for only 125.00 a person. These all-day events begin with techniques and other informative sessions, include lunch, and then conclude with three to four hours of actual fly-fishing. There’s no news on any hiking-related events coming up, but you can sign up for the Backpackers Shop E-news to keep informed about any new announcements.If you’re a Cleveland hiker who wants to be prepared for anything, check out the Backpackers Shop and see what you’ve been missing.

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