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Submitting Photos


Submitting Photos for the Website

Photos should be in .jpg format.
Photo size for landscape: approximately 650 x 480 pixels *revised 8/2008
Photo size for portrait: approximately 480 x 650 pixels *revised 8/2008
Name the photo file with the caption you want under the thumbnail
Provide the Hike Name, Date of Hike, Leader of Hike and Name of the Photographer
Write a little story about the hike if possible; It makes the page interesting.
Be selective; Choose the best photos for the webpage

Photos can be emailed. Do not send more than 5 Mb of pictures attached to one email. Most of your photos should be around 100Kb each. Compression will be used to make them smaller if necessary. You can also put your photos on a CD and mail them.

If you don't have a digital camera, you can scan the photos. Use no more than 100dpi when scanning or the file size will be too big. Save them as .jpg files and adjust the size as specified above. Use compression when saving the file to keep the size around 100Kb.

If you only have prints, you can mail them and I will scan them and return your photos. Please, no more than six photos if you send prints.



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