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Hiking Schedules

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Directions for getting to selected hike starting points.
(provided by Jerry Masek)

Map/Directions for May 3, 2009, Annual 40 mile Hike 1st loop (members only section)

Map/Directions for May 3, 2009, Annual 40 mile Hike 2nd loop (members only section)

Map/Directions for 6& 11 mile Options for May 3, 2009, Annual 40 mile Hike (members only section)

Hiking Schedules (Public Download)

June, 2009 Schedule (formatted)
June, 2009 Schedule
(pre-mailing, not formatted)

May, 2009 Schedule (formatted)
May, 2009 Schedule
(pre-mailing, not formatted)

90th Anniversary Hikes in the Necklace

April, 2009 Schedule (formatted)
April, 2009 Schedule (pre-mailing, not formatted)

March, 2009 Schedule (formatted)
March, 2009 Schedule (pre-mailing, not formatted)

February, 2009 Schedule (formatted)
February, 2009 Schedule (pre-mailing, not formatted)

January, 2009 Schedule (formatted)
January, 2009 Schedule (pre-mailing, not formatted)


Archived Schedules


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