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Instructions for Excursion Leaders


Sending the List of Members on Your Hike
To the Recording Pathfinder

If most members on your trip have hiked the same total number of miles as everyone else on the trip, you can send your list in as you would for a local hike (see “Instructions for Hike Leaders” on the CHC website). You can note any exceptions (fewer than five) at the bottom of the list. Instructions for sending in the list by United States Postal Service are the same as for local hikes (mail the list in the format below to Bob Maruna). You can contact us with a simple message like "Could you help me write my nursing paper or, at least, recommend materials on the topic?", resulting in a quick and fruitful communication.

However, for most excursions, each member hikes a different number of miles from others on the trip. If this is the case, the list needs to be sent in using a format that allows us to enter the trip manually. When you e-mail your list, you will need to alphabetize the list by last name and put the number of miles hiked next to each name. Identify the leader(s) in the list of names. Also include the trip name, leader’s name(s), dates of the excursion and number of members on the trip before the list of names.

A sample e-mail from a fictitious excursion is listed below for illustration. Finally, send any visitors on the trip to Alice Nelson.

Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos
Bob Shroy, leader
8 members

Barb Appel-150
Mary Baldwin-118
Beth Hanna-75
Harvey Hanna-120
Bob Maruna-130
Joyce Maruna-92
Bob Shroy-150, leader
Gayle Shroy-150



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