Bryce/Zion Elderhostel Excursion

Lessons learned:

Be prepared for the unexpected!  
Layer, layer, layer. 
Take rain gear, trekking poles, and a second pair of hiking shoes.  
Silk long johns are a good idea.  
        Take powered Gatorade for the trip.
Altitude does make a difference.  
        Lava rocks hurts.
        Pulverized sandstone is very slick when wet.
        Snow is cold and wet.
        Take an “I can do this!” attitude….even when you want to quit.
Smile a lot.
We can now all do a Bob Maruna 10 mile hike!

Kodocrome Basin Snow Storm c.jpg
Kodocrome Basin Snow Storm c
Kodocrome Basin Snow Storm d.jpg
Kodocrome Basin Snow Storm d
Rock in Snow Canyon.jpg
Rock in Snow Canyon
Snow Canyon a.jpg
Snow Canyon a
Snow Canyon Cave.jpg
Snow Canyon Cave
Snow Canyon g.jpg
Snow Canyon g
Snow Canyon h.jpg
Snow Canyon h
Snow Canyon i.jpg
Snow Canyon i
Snow Canyon k.jpg
Snow Canyon k
Snow Canyon Trail to Rim a.jpg
Snow Canyon Trail to Rim a
Snow on Sage.jpg
Snow on Sage
Volcano Hike Rock with Leaves a.jpg
Volcano Hike Rock with Leaves a
Volcano Hike Rock with Leaves b.jpg
Volcano Hike Rock with Leaves b
Zion a.jpg
Zion a
Zion Checkerboard Mesa.jpg
Zion Checkerboard Mesa
Zion Virgin River.jpg
Zion Virgin River

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