Malibar Farm Hike - April 30th, 2005 - Greg Anikeeff (Leader)
Photos by John Papay

Malibar Farm Hikers

It didn't look like it would be a very good day for a hike at Malibar Farm, but you must have faith in Ohio weather not staying constant for very long. It rained on the way down I-71 but by the time we arrived, the rain had stopped. We even had visitors from our sister club, the Akron Metroparks Hiking Club! As we headed up the hill, Greg soon discovered that he had a co-leader, the local farm dog. The dog was always out in front, leading; he knew the way for sure. The trail was muddy but not so bad that low cut shoes couldn't be worn. Although it was hazy due to the moisture in the air, the views were great. This was a 6 mile hike with an additional 4 mile option. Four of us took advantage of the second half of the hike to the top of Mt. Jeebs with a nice view of the countryside including Malibar Farm below. Thanks to Greg Anikeeff (on left) for leading this picturesque hike!

On the Trail.JPG
On the Trail
Through the Woods We Go.JPG
Through the Woods We Go
Up the Hill.JPG
Up the Hill
Now What.JPG
Now What?
Stay out of the Mudddd.JPG
Stay out of the Mudddd!
Who is really leading.JPG
Who is really leading?
The Tall Grass.JPG
The Tall Grass
Hike Co Leader.JPG
Hike Co Leader
Short Stop.JPG
Short Rest Stop
View from Mt Jeebs.JPG
View from Mt Jeebs