Big Creek -Snow Road Hike 04/14/2007 led by Mary Kim

Photos by John Papay (your webmaster)

It was a cool but windless day for the hike, not a perfect April day by any means, but at least it wasn't snowing! This hike started at Snow Rd and went north to Brookpark Road. Then we retraced our steps back to Snow Rd for the 3 mile option. The hike then resumed south on the trail to Stumph Rd; then back to Snow Road. As you can see, this hike was well attended. Could it just be that the special dessert that Mary had for everyone at the end of the hike had anything to do with that? My guess is yes and it was delicious.

The hike was documented with a Garmin GPS unit and the track was plotted on various maps that give a better idea of the path on this hike. The first map was plotted on Garmin's Mapsource City Select V7. The next plot is on a USGS Topographical map and the third is on a Google Hybrid Satellite image of the area.

There are three closeups of the Group Picture so you can all see your faces clearly. Enjoy!

Big Creek Parkway Hike 4/14/2007

Our Hike Leader

Group Pix #1

Group Pix #2

Crossing the Pkwy

Heading North

Approaching Snow Rd

Headed North

Heading South

Still South

Collecting Slips

Enjoying Dessert

More Enjoyment

Talking it Over

More Discussion


Hikers Part 1

Hikers Part 2

Hikers Part 3

GPS Track of the Hike