1950's Pot Luck - April 9th, 2005
Photos by Louise Melnik

Doing The Stroll

The cabin is decorated for the 1950's party
Use Your Imagination
C.Jean & Bill, winner of 50's costume (1).jpg
Jean & Bill, winner of 50's costume
D.Kathy & Edgar as 50's teens(2).jpg
Kathy & Edgar as 50's teens
E. Cohostess Gayle (3).jpg
Cohostess Gayle
F.Ann in her poodle skirt (4).jpg
Ann in her poodle skirt
H Bubblegum blowing contest (6).jpg
Bubblegum blowing contest
I. A Winner !(8).jpg
A Winner !
J. Another Winner (7).jpg
Another Winner

Hula Hoop Contest
l Go, Girl, Go!! (10).jpg
Go, Girl, Go!!